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Quickest Method to learn Interrogative sentences :-

:: Examples

Exclamatory (BwvboDk) Sentences
Kudw Awpko brkq dy !May God bless you !
ikqnI burI bwq !How terrible !
cup rihE !Quiet, please/Please keep quiet !
Awpky ávwáÌX ky ilE !For your good health !
ikqny duK kI bwq hY !What a pity !
Aiq suNdr !Beautiful !
Awpko BI !Same to you !
ikqny Apmwn kI bwq hY !How disgraceful !
hW Eysw hI !Yes, it is !
bDwe~ !Congratulations !
ikqnI biFXw sUJ hY !What an idea !
Ary !Hey !
bhuq biFXw !Excellent !
bVI iPjUl bwq hY !How absurd !
scmuc !Really !
ikqnI byhUdgI hY !What nonsense !
Awpkw ávwgq hY !Welcome sir !
vwh !Wow !
bVy duK kw smwcwr !How sad !
askI eqnI ihmq !How dare he !
sc !Is it !
ikqnI Srm kI bwq hY !What a shame !
Awpky ávwgq ky ilE !Cheers !
hy rwm !My/Oh God !
bVy KuSI kw smwcwr !That is a good news !
#Xw KUb !How sweet !
DNXwvwd !Thanks !
ikqnI duK kI bwq hY !How tragic !
#Xw musIbq hY !What a bother !
Awpny qo kmwl kr idXw !Wonderful !
ikqnI bVI ivjX !What a great victory !
ikqnw suNdr !How lovely !
Awpkw DNXwvwd !Thank you !
ikqnw suKd AwScwX~ !What a pleasant surprise !
s_Bl kr/swvDwnI sy !Watch out !
bySk !Of course !
RpBu myry (AwSc~Xw my_) !Good heavens !
Eysw khny kI quMhy ihmq kYsy hue~ !How dare you say that !
Bgvwn kw lwK Sukr hY !Thank God !
AwScwX~jnk !Wonderful !
khI_ njr nw lgy !Touch wood !
SwbwS !Well done !
eSvr kw DNXwbwd !Thank God !
suinE !Hello ! Listen !
ÎXwry !Oh dear !
Xh idn bwr-bwr AwE !Many happy returns of the day !
iC:iC: !How disgusting !
Ab cwhy jo ho !Come what may !
vwh, vwh !Marvellous !
eSvr kI ikrpw sy !By God's grace !
PtwPt kirE !Hurry up, please !
jldI kro !Hurry up !
Awhw ! mY_ny mYc ijq ilXw !Hurrah ! I have won !
Kbrdwr !Beware !