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[ Prepositions ]

For (ilE)
Is she preparing/studying for the test? #Xw vh prI@w ky ilE 5XwrI kr rhI hY?
He apologized to me for his misbehaviour. asny Apny du:X~vhwr ky ilE muJsy @mw mWgI]
He'll have to account for the money. asy pYsy kw ihswb dynw hOgw]
I always care for him. mY_ hmySw askw KXwl rKqw hu_]

From (sy)
The boy was absent from school. lVkw 9kUl sy Anupi9Qq Qw]
You must abstain/refrain from smoking. Awpko DUmRpwn sy bcnw cwihE]
My uncle has come from Assam. myry cwcw Awswm sy AwE hY<]
He prevents/stops me from going there. bh muJy vhW jwny sy rokqw hY]

By (sy, +wrw, qk)
Please don't get disturbed by this news. es Kbr sy GbrweE nhI_]
This packet should reach Mumbai by Monday. Xh pYikt somvwr qk mu_be~ phU_c jwnw cwihE]