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S.N. Sentence Hindi meaning Discussion
1 What is the weight of this box?/How heavy is this box?
It weighs 50 kilos.
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2 What is the depth of this well?/How deep is this well?
It is 25 feet deep.
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3 How long will the meeting last? More Detail
4 What age is he?/ What is his age?
He is twenty years old.
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5 What is the height of this cupboard?/How high/tall is this cupboard?
It is seven feet high/tall.
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6 how long कब तक More Detail
7 What is the width of this road?/How wide is this road?
it is 50 feet wide.
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8 What age are you?/What is your age?
I am twenty years old.
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9 How long will you wait? More Detail
10 What is your height?/ How tall are you?
I am 5 feet tall.
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11 How long is a car?
May be about 7 to 8 feet.
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