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S.N. Sentence Hindi meaning Discussion
1 How many people did not come? कितने लोग नही आए More Detail
2 How many books did you read? तुमने कितनी किताबें पढ़ीं More Detail
3 how many / how much कितने,कितना More Detail
4 How many days will you stay there? तुम वहाँ कितने दिन रुकोगे More Detail
5 How many languages do you know? तुम्हें कितनी भाषाएँ आती है More Detail
6 How many people have come? कितने लोग आए है More Detail
7 How many hours do they work every day? वे प्रतिदिन कितने घंटे काम करते है More Detail
8 How many people came? कितने लोग आए More Detail
9 How many students come to the class regularly? कितने छात्र कक्षा मे नियमित रूप स आते हैं More Detail
10 How many books did you buy? तुमने कितनी किताबें खरीदी More Detail
11 How many people are coming? कितने लोग आ रहे है More Detail
12 How many books have you read by now? तुमने अब तक कितनी किताबें पढ़ी है More Detail
13 How many times have you taken this examination? तुमने यह परीक्षा कितनी बार दी है More Detail
14 which, whose, how many कोनसा,किसका, कितने More Detail
15 How many students do not come to the class regularly? कितने छात्र कक्षा में नियमित रूप से नहीं आते More Detail

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