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S.N. Sentence Hindi meaning Discussion
1 When will you come again? तुम फिर कब आओगे? More Detail
2 When did you meet him first? More Detail
3 When does this plant/tree flower? इस पेड़ पर फूल कब लगते है? More Detail
4 When do you get up? तुम कब उठते हो? More Detail
5 When did you come to know this? तुम्हें यह कब पता चला? More Detail
6 When did you get my letter? तुम्हें मेरा खत कब मिला? More Detail
7 When do you go to bed? तुम कब सोते हो? More Detail
8 When did this happen? यह कब (घटित) हुआ? More Detail
9 When did you leave that job? तुमने वह नौकरी कब छोडी़? More Detail
10 When did you first meet him? तुम उससे पहली बार कब मिले? More Detail

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