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S.N. Sentence Hindi meaning Discussion
1 Which horse won the race? किस घोड़े ने मुकाबला जीता More Detail
2 Which book are you reading? More Detail
3 In which book did you read this? तुमने यह किस किताब मे पढ़ा More Detail
4 Which subject do you like? तुम्हें कौनसा विषय पसंद है More Detail
5 Which doctor are you going to? तुम किस डॉक्टर के पास जा रहे हो More Detail
6 Which book did you buy? तुमने कौनसी किताब खरीदी More Detail
7 Which school do you go to? / To which school do you go? तुम किस स्कूल मे जाते हो More Detail
8 Which boy comes late? कौनसा लड़का देर से आता हैं More Detail
9 Which book shall I buy? मै कौनसी किताब खरीदूँ More Detail
10 Which car costs the least? किस कार की कीमत सबसे कम है More Detail
11 Which newspaper do you read? More Detail
12 On which platform will the train for Mumbai come? मुंबई जाने वाली रेलगाड़ी किस प्लेटफॉर्म पर आएगी More Detail
13 Which subject does he teach? More Detail
14 Which team do you play for? तुम किस टीम के लिए खेलते हो More Detail
15 Which book will you buy? तुम कौनसी किताब खरीदोगे More Detail
16 Which language do you speak? तुम कौनसी भाषा बोलते हो More Detail
17 Which hotel shall we go to? हम किस होटल में जाएगे More Detail
18 Which boy does not come on time? कौनसा लड़का समय पर नहीं आता More Detail
19 which, whose कोनसा,किसका More Detail
20 Which time will suit you? तुम्हें कौनसा समय ठीक रहेगा More Detail

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